Your Magic Tree 奇術の木

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your magic tree


 2013 An award winning work!

Everything that begins also ends...

Everything in our lives and in nature is in a cycle of beginning, growing, changing, ending.. This print is a distillation of my two years in Kyoto. The passage of the seasons is of such importance there as a symbol of life and is incorporated into many arts. I think of this as my "graduation piece" after two years study with Richard Steiner, and I wanted to produce a beautiful and meaningful work with the skills I had learned.

I hope, from your point of view, I have achieved this. This work has 17 colours and 27 print actions, so it is a complicated piece! While I was printing, another student visited Richard's studio. I told him the print is a magic tree. He said "I wish I had one of those..", I said "you do, it's your life!"

Each of us has the blossom of youth, the fresh green of adulthood, the richness of middle age, the decline of old age, and the inevitable letting go at the end. All the time the endless flow of life goes on around us.

Echizen Hand Made

430mm x 262mm (edition 20)


私は、この作品を、2年間、リチャード シュタイナー先生から学んだ「卒業作品」だと考えています。私は、美しく、思慮深く、そして、私の学んだ技術をこの作品に、込めました。皆さんの目からそれが、見えることを願います。
越前紙 430mm x 262mm
32,300円 (20枚限定)

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