Older works from my earlier years as an artist....

Working seriously as an artist since 1992, I have produced many hundreds of artworks. My original training is in oil painting and for many years I produced oil paintings, drawings and other works in a variety of styles and approaches. Since 2005 I've focused on woodblock printing and before devoting my efforts to mokuhanga I worked in some Western techniques.

I know bring my training in draftsmanship and colour into my mokuhanga.

Older Woodcuts - Many still are available to purchase.


Older Works Galleries

These galleries are a selection of the works I have created. Click on a tab to browse the selection.

Cars and Planes 1996
車や飛行機 1996


Life Drawings 1992 - 2006
人物画 1992 - 2006


Head Constructs 2000 - 2004
頭の中 2000 - 2004

knothead popeye strange-flower submarine the joker head-construct-sketch head in the clouds head like a gun in my head inner head blockhead block-head1 blockhead2 blockhead4 blockhead6 blockhead-and-landscape blocklhead3 blocklhead5 commission conversation1 diamond field-order field-order-2 field-order-3 hammerhead-tiki the-ufo three-thoughts tough-guy tough-guy-2 winding-road


Still Lives 1992 - 1995
描写画 1992 - 1995


Human Figures 1992 - 2002
人間模様 1992 - 2002